Saturday, January 26, 2013

barefoot and cold

This morning Allison left for an overnight writing retreat.  She'll spend the night in a big, quiet house with other women writing dissertations.  As she was walking out of the house, she asked for my help bringing her numerous bags, with books, computers and clothes, to the car, so I grabbed some of them and we left for her car.

After we said goodbye by her car, she said: "you're not locked out of the house, are you?", and I confidently said "no, no, I'm not".  But when I came back to our place, the door was locked, and I had no keys.  It's January, and I was barefoot and had no layer on top of my pajamas, so I was also cold.  That's how I ended up barefoot and cold.

Luckily, I caught her before she had taken off.

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