Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Something really weird just happened to me.  I was sitting down working on my computer, focused on work, and my body did sort of like an odd hiccup type thing, but not quite a hiccup but more like a rapid deep breath and exhale, and then SMOKE came out of my mouth!  A good amount of smoke.  Very distinct from the air.

It's 75 degrees right now - it's not cold.  I don't know that my body has ever done something that weird before. Certainly not that I remember.


  1. it seems that you are transitioning into a character our of a J. K. Rowland novel... a not too uncommon symptom from reading all the Harry Potter novels and watching all the movies....

    1. You're right! Perhaps I'm turning into a dragon version of Remus Lupin with some Luna Lovegood mixed in. Cool.