Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Your husband is cheap

Allison and I were in town running some errands and I went to the drycleaners while she went to the shoe repairman (I had lost a piece of sole/heel running around from flight to flight last weekend).

I asked Allison to ask the shoe repairman to fix the shoe.  But his answer was: "your husband is cheap"  He explained to Allison that these shoes were way too old and beat up and he explained all the things that were wrong with them and he refused to fix them.  A shoe repairman.  Refused to repair my shoes.  He said I should buy new shoes.

(they took so long that I joined them mid-way and I got the whole earful as well, and at some point he said "and where did you get this woman from? she keeps interrupting me!")

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