Sunday, October 13, 2013

Potbelly kindness

Potbelly Dude #1 asked me what I wanted.  I said I wanted a grilled chicken sandwich.  So he put it together and put it in the over.  Potbelly Dude #2 then asked me what I wanted on it, so I told him, he prepared it and gave it to me.

But the sandwich was much smaller than I expected.  Then I saw there were two sizes.  So I asked him if the big one was just two small ones (as I'd get another half) but it wasn't.  I decided to get a second small one anyway, so I went back to the front of the line and when I was ready to order Potbelly Dude #1 asked me what had happened and I explained I made a mistake but just wanted to order a second sandwich but he insisted to just make me a large one instead.  So kind!

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