Thursday, January 2, 2014

Back-seat crisis

I usually don't grab those little candies they have in restaurants as you're walking out.  But since Allison's boss' husband offered me one on our way out from having dinner with them, I said why not, we're trying new things in Texas, right?  So I put one in my mouth.

On the drive back from the restaurant, Allison and I were sitting in the back seats while Danny and Anne were in the front seats.  It was when Danny was telling us about cattle raising that I started choking.  The piece of candy was in my throat and I was trying to somehow get it out but it was stuck.  Allison looked at me with an "are you kidding me? now?" face and I decided to try to breath.  Luckily I could breath.  All of that had happened in quasi-silence, so Danny was still talking about cattle raising and Allison was wondering whether she should ask them to pull over.  Then the candy came out.  Nobody but Allison noticed so I didn't make a scene.  (or maybe I did but the boss didn't notice).  :)
photo by sandragxh

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