Friday, November 28, 2014

Quiet banging

We woke up today, the day after Thanksgiving, in a hotel in East Texas, where we’ve been vacationing the last two days.

I told Allison I’d meditate for the next 20 minutes, and she said she would take our dog Rosie out to pee and poop.  So Allison and Rosie left, and I started meditating.

When they came back, Allison tried to be quiet when opening the door, to minimize disturbing my meditation.  But her key didn’t work.  She tried again, and the key kept not working.  She thought I’d get mad, as she was making so much noise, but she kept trying and the key wasn’t working.  So she decided she didn’t have another option but to start banging on the door, explaining “my key doesn't work!", "my key doesn't work!".  I wasn't coming, so she kept banging and explaining.

Then, a woman Allison had never seen, in her night gown, opened the door, clearly having been woken up.  Allison was trying to get into the wrong room.

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