Thursday, July 30, 2015

Somebody left the gate open

I can't drive yet due to my recent knee surgery, so I took Uber today from the physical therapist back home.  I had a curious exchange with the driver when he was trying to make a right turn:

Driver: "Somebody left the gate open"

Me: "Excuse me?"

Driver: "Somebody left the gate open"

Me: "Sorry, I don't understand what you're saying."

Driver: "Somebody left the gate open"

Me: "What gate?  I don't see a gate."

Driver: (laughs) "It means that I've never seen so many cars in this street before.  You hadn't heard that before?"

Me: "No.  Is that a Texas expression?"

Driver: "I don't think so.  I heard it growing up in Illinois, from my father.  Of course, my father was from Texas."

Me: "Maybe it has to do with farms?"

Driver: "Yes, when you leave a gate open lots of animals can come out."

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