Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I can't read my iPad. I must need new glasses.

I got a great email today from my beloved mother-in-law Fran:

So I was using my ipad to shop online for dresses for the wedding.  It became increasingly more and more difficult for me to see the words not to mention the pictures.  The FB was difficult to read, especially the small print.  I was very frustrated.  I went to the Optomotrist and got reading/computer glasses (for $$) and while they helped somewhat, they did not really answer the whole problem.  I borrowed Rich's laptop and things improved immediately.  Yesterday I went to Best Buy to buy an inexpensive laptop.  Got an Acer Chrome something or other for $259; the young man said it would be the right thing for me since I need it only for very basic stuff.

In the meantime, I took out my trusty ipad and did my morning routine--email, Facebook, etc.  At one point, I asked Rich if he thought the screen was very dark.  He agreed: "Absolutely! Fix it."  What? Fix it?  So I went to Settings; General; moved the cursor in the appropriate section and VOILA!!!  Let there be light!  Everything is wonderful again.  AND, I own a new laptop--which I really don't need anymore.  Who knew?!

My life would be so much easier if I had a live in computer tech....

So now, about $500 later, I can see beautifully and not because my vision has improved OR because I have computer.  I can see because I have a screen that is lit up more than the midnight setting it was on.

And here I thought I was getting old.....

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