Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Ransacking my own grocery cart

Today I ransacked my own grocery cart, mid-shopping.

I was on the phone with Allison, talking about what to buy, when I realized I no longer had my phone (what remained was only the bluetooth headset I was using).

I took everything out of my grocery cart looking for the phone.  No luck.  Allison remained on the line, not surprised.

The Trader Joe's associates called the phone (but it was on silent) and checked lost and found while I searched around the Ezekiel bread, onion powder, and coconut yogurt aisles.  Nearby shoppers kindly offered to help.

10 minutes later I found the phone near the frozen blueberries. People around celebrated.

20 minutes after that, I got home and realized I didn't buy the sweet peppers, which is what Allison had called me to ask me I buy.

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