Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you

Email from Wife's friend to group including wife:

Is anyone interested in/planning on going to this?  Looks like it would be $40 for us.  I am thinking about it so let me know if you want to come with!
~ Lara

P.S. Allison, is your husband one of the speakers??

Email from wife to friends:

Um, it looks like it.
This is news to me.
How embarrassing!
I guess I should go? I got the email today but deleted it almost immediately. Oops.

Email from wife to husband:

why didn't you tell me you were speaking at this?????
WOW. you're impressive.
Don't forget your pants that day!

Email from husband to wife:

Oops, yeah, I forgot.  Sorry.   :)
(I'm not a speaker - but a facilitator of a roundtable discussion).

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